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Company Profile

“Prime Gases” is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of CO2 gas in South India. Founded in 1983, under the able guidance of our chairman Mr. K.R. Saharsanam and managing director Mr. R. Srikrishnan, Prime Gases has been successful in becoming one of the leading players in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial CO2 gas. Prime Gases has been able to make its presence felt in the whole of South India by establishing 13 manufacturing facilities and 5 satellite filling stations. Prime Gases is committed to providing its clientele with an uninterrupted supply of CO2 by engaging itself in procuring by-products from various industries. The company has the highest number of distillery based by-product plants in the whole of India, with an aggregate installed capacity of 190 tons/day.

The company is also equipped to produce an additional 65 tons/day through two of its fertilizer based by-product plants, thereby having a cumulative production capacity of 255 tons/day. Prime Gases has achieved excellence in timely delivery with the help of an extensive and effective distribution network comprising of 11 mobile tankers and over 30,000 cylinders of varying capacities. This distribution system is maintained to ensure planned and prompt delivery of liquid CO2 to its clientele, thereby making Prime Gases one of the most preferred partners in procurement of liquid CO2.

Despite the constraints presented by the fertilizer companies and distilleries by not being operational for 2-3 months in a year, the USP of the company has been to demonstrate service excellence by being able to provide liquefied CO2 all throughout the year to its clients by leveraging the strong network among all its plants. It is also diversified its product portfolio by venturing into the production and distribution of dry ice as per the requirements of various customers. Over the last three decades, Prime Gases has gained the reputation of being a preferred partner across all industries procuring liquefied CO2. The company has also ventured into sourcing CO2 plants for captive consumption by breweries across all of South India.

Vision: To be a leader in the Indian gas manufacturing industry by capturing a significant market share of the industry and to create a substantial presence in the international gas market.

Mission: To be committed to deliver quality products to all our valuable customers by demonstrating excellence in service and timely delivery.