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Gaseous CO2

Gaseous Carbon dioxide is a colorless substance which is denser than air by about 1.52 times. It has a slight displeasing odor and freezes at -78.5°C to solidify into snowy form of carbon dioxide.

We cater to our customers in need of gaseous CO2 by delivering the product to their premises through cylinders. We have an aggregate total of around 30,000 cylinders to service the gaseous CO2 market. All of our cylinders go through a series of tests conducted by trained experts in order to maintain the highest levels of safety and to preserve the condition of CO2 as it was during filling and dispatch. We have cylinders of varying sizes and capacities starting from 9 kgs to 30 kgs to meet the various demands of our esteemed customers.

Presently, we cater a total of 70 Tons/day of gaseous CO2 and deliver them through our fleet of cylinders


Industrial Applications
Carbon Dioxide gas is used as a raw material in the production of chemicals. It is involved in the production of refrigeration systems, welding systems, water treatment processes and carbonated beverages. Carbon Dioxide gas finds its use in various fire extinguishers and prevents oxygen from further fueling a fire.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications
Carbon Dioxide gas is used in the preparation of urea, methanol, inorganic and organic carbonates, polyurethanes and sodium salicylate. Carbon Dioxide is combined with epoxides to create plastics and polymers.

Electronic Applications
Carbon dioxide gas is used in the electronics industry during assembly of circuit board, to clean surfaces and in the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

Oil Industry
Carbon dioxide gas is used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). EOR is a class of techniques for increasing the quantity of extracted crude oil from oil fields. Carbon dioxide is injected under high pressure into an oil reservoir, which pushes the oil through pipes and up to the surface of the ground. Carbon dioxide gas injection enhances oil recovery and reduces the viscosity of recovered oil.